Hello Dr. Baise,

"Not having been to a chiropractor before, I was a little apprehensive to receive adjustments. I had lower back discomfort that caused a significant amount pain after prolonged sitting. Dr. Baise took the time to educate me on my condition and teach me how to read my xrays. She walks you through everything and actually takes the time to really listen to your needs! I am still in the middle of my treatments, but have already noticed a reduction in my discomfort. With continued treatment, I cannot wait to see the improvements I know her care will make!"
-Lindsay T.

Dr. Baise,

I just had my first child and I felt out of whack. I had lower back pain that made my hip tight and sometimes pain would shoot down my thigh. Dr. Baise explained everything to me, X-rays, what they should look like and how mine differed answering any questions along the way. She works with you to make a plan for your care. She is professional but laid back which for me is a great combo. I look forward to my appointments because I feel better after each one. I feel stronger, especially when bending to pick up my 6 month old.

-Rachel F.

I won't go anywhere else!

- Mary

"I'm a 54 year old who is an active professional. I recently got into Ashtanga Yoga. I loved how it made me feel but I over did it and ended up with a sciatic injury. Constant traveling aggravated the condition and I finally resorted to calling a Chiropractor.
I believe in doing business locally so I called Sport and Spine. My first session with Dr. Baise was very impressive. She was very thorough, went over my X-rays and helped me understand what was happening. After only a few sessions there was marked improvement in my back. The injury subsided and the added benefit was I was sleep much better at night too! "
-Kathy R.

I didn't think I would be walking without chiropractic care! Life is good now! Thank you!

- Joan

Thanks for the adjustment today. I got in my car and my rearview mirror was too low! Ha!
- Mary